Costa Del Mar

Started in 1983, Costa Del Mar has been the premiere fishing sunglass since its inception. Fulfillment for special projects at the Branding Agency has consisted of location scouting, on-set direction and video production, editing, and delivery. Sales data, market strategy, and projected position have been annually synthesized into animated interactive presentations for their national sales force. 

Native Eyewear

Native Eyewear was repositioned as an accessible, outdoor-focused brand with cost-effective and technology-forward gear. With previous brand components remaining in the market, the brand was remade with pivots at specialty shops and event-based reimplementation and outreach. TBA worked within relevant industries to assemble brand ambassador teams

Bollé Eyewear

As one of the progenitors of modern eyeglasses, Bollé eyewear has seen many incarnations since beginning in 1888. When looking to extend the brand into modern action sports, The Branding Agency connected Bollé with leading athletes and trends. Implementing modern tastes with the product design team, the Bollé brand was ranked in the top 10 winter action sports gear companies. 

Monarch Mountain

Located in he heart of he Rocky Mountains, Monarch Mountains has remained one of the purest skiing experiences in Colorado. With a very specific offering, Monarch's unique character was organized from it's rich history into a celebrated identity, catering to a wide range of customers. Locals and out-of-towners alike connect comfortably with the intimate and approachable family-friendly environment. Preserving the complex identity and highlighting the message to separate customers was the essential message.

Central Colorado Mountain Riders

Focusing on conservation and usage education, CCMR has led efforts to standardize trail usage and work in conjunction with legislative groups. The measurable positive impact and trail improvement has lifted the inclusion and possibilities of trail-use organizations. 

Grand Trunk

As one of the original hammock companies, Grand Trunk was instrumental in popularizing the lightweight, durable, packable hammock. Distinguished from its competitors by themed patterning and innovative construction, Grand Trunk endured an explosive market of immitation and successfully navigated the competitive landscape. 

Wasatch Trails Foundation

A public voice for use and reservation, the Wasatch Trails Foundation identity provided a badge of honor for voluteers improving and maintaining trail infrastructure. https://www.wasatchtrails.org/

The Biker & The Baker

Curated chef-crafted charcuterie boards and exceptional cocktails are finished off by artisanal desserts, all in a design- forward lounge. The identity was scratch-built to complement the interior space, along with custom door entry hardware and handles. 


Healthy fast casual burrito builder in the heart of the Rocky Mountains. Mo Burrito occupies a unique open-air industrial building, with themed craft beverages and chef-crafted burrito ingredients. 

Inspired Bike Trails

Tourism-focused trail construction organization with accent on sustainable ecological improvement and recreational access. Inspired Bike Trails bridges the gap between tourism marketing agencies and service providers to create on-brand trail experiences. 

Volunteers For Outdoor Colorado

Backcountry trail organization focused on directing the efforts of volunteers to complement trail infrastructure plans with public agencies.